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Ever feel like you’re running through fire but you just can’t find the time to put out the flames?  Every spring I start training hard after a couple of months of winter downtime and my body begins to talk to … Continued

<3 Snow

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  I didn’t even bring my winter boots when we moved to MD three weeks ago and this week Mother Nature came through and dumped 2 feet of snow on us here in Annapolis. I love the snow and in the … Continued


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  I come from a long line of collectors.  A very long line.  My Mom saves the string off the dog food bags.  Yeah.  Those kind of collectors.  We fix things instead of buying new.  We repurposed before it was … Continued

A place to create

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I thought I’d share some photos of my art room and soap kitchen and a few of my projects and creations. Not sure why I have such a thing for dress forms and vintage aprons.  It holds my medals from … Continued

Time Warp

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  Fall is such a magical time and I am invariably drawn North to the Adirondacks where I was raised.  It’s more than just feeling homesick for the farmhouse and my family there.  There’s an energy magnet that pulls me … Continued

It’s Fall already

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  I can’t believe it’s Fall already….My favorite time of year.  I love the weather, the colors, the comfort foods and the lighting for photos.  And of course, the apples!   I bought a beautiful leather journal (photo above) and can’t … Continued

First Blog post. Ever.

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I guess introductions are in order….I’m Lea….. Runner, Mother, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Artist, , Mover, Shaker, Dreamer and Explorer.   It’s not possible to sum up who we are in a sentence or two but if I tell you that family, … Continued