Description of Yoga Classes

Yoga is traditionally practiced at sunrise and sundown so we would like to offer am and pm classes and a class just past midday as well.  We believe that it is healthiest for us to follow our natural bio-rhythms and the cycles of the seasons and would like for our personal yoga practice and our classes to reflect this as well. 

We will be offering the following Yoga Classes:


Yoga for Runners

Yoga is a fabulous complimentary form of exercise for runners.  This class is designed for recreational and serious runners along with the “Weekend Warrior”.  Classes will target opening the hips, stretching the quads, hamstrings and calves and will also focus on strengthening the upper body to help maintain balance between the upper and lower body.  Classes will help to increase strength and flexibility, keep muscles and joints healthy and can help to minimize injuries.


 Good Morning Yoga

Yoga is traditionally practiced at sunrise and sundown so this class follows that tradition and begins the day with sun salutations and warms the body to take you through your day with ease and energy.  It is designed to be a gentle flow class and is for those students who wish to begin their day centered and stretched. 


 Fitness & Yoga

This class combines yoga, movement and strength training to boost the metabolism, burn calories and increase strength while lengthening the muscles. Class will include core workouts for strength and classic yoga poses for flexibility. There are many ways to get fit by simply using your own body weight and some resistance bands. Emphasis is on form and alignment and the class structure centers around basic, tried and true exercises that really work to get you in shape. Class concludes with a guided meditation for relaxation.  

free-outdoor-yoga-westchester[1] Restorative Yoga

Conclude your day with restorative poses that counter act the stresses and activities of the day. This is a prop heavy class that uses bolsters, pillows, blankets and other props to support the body in each pose which allows the muscles to relax and for the body to soften. The number of poses is fewer and they are held for longer periods of time than in a typical yoga class. Reduce stress with this deeply relaxing practice which concludes with a short meditation to clear the mind and re-center your energy.



Rejuvenation and Facial Yoga

This class includes a series of yoga poses designed to support the vitality of the skin by toning and invigorating the neck, throat and face.  Burn off stale energy and toxins to restore a natural glow.  Class includes facial yoga exercises and concludes with (self) facial massage. 


Aerial Yoga

Experience the joy and freedom of using an aerial swing to support your yoga practice.  Fun and energizing, this integrated practice combines strength, stretch, and agility while promoting relaxation, grace and freedom and improving balance.  The anti-gravity inversions can decompress the spine and release your inner child.  Open the mind…open the heart and open yourself to a whole new world.  Come hang with us. 


Yin Yoga

Slow down with this challenging deep stretching class which targets the connective tissue surrounding the joints. Supported poses are generally held for longer periods of time to allow the muscles to release and to fully relax into the pose in order to achieve the full benefits of Yin Yoga.   



Yoga for Kids

Children’s yoga introduces children (ages 6-12) to the benefits of breathing deeply, using energy efficiently and learning to quiet the mind.  The sequences are designed to engage their interest in a fun way while staying true to the purpose of yoga which is to enhance flexibility, refine balance and co-ordination, and to develop focus and concentration.  By practicing compassionate self-awareness children may become empowered to make healthy lifestyle choices.  Classes include a warm-up, active conditioning and a cool down with quiet time and breathing exercises for Relaxation.   


Gentle Yoga

This class is designed for those who prefer or require a less vigorous form of yoga and provides a wonderful introduction to the practice of yoga.  It also serves the experienced student wishing to benefit from a gentle flow class and can be an integral part of any practice.  It includes gentle stretches and breathing exercises as well as simple movements designed to systematically increase the range of motion of every major joint by taking the joint through its full range of motion. This class is ideal for students with chronic symptoms such as muscle/joint pain, stiffness, weakness, or fatigue.  Students will go from seated poses into a range of standing poses and back into seated positions.   Emphasis is given to the basic alignment of all of the poses. 


Hip Opener

Some sports and in particular, running, can cause tight hips.  Professions which require a great deal of sitting also cause the hip flexors to shorten and can create imbalance and tension in the hips.  Relieving this tension and releasing the hips can ease back pain, improve circulation and create a more graceful, agile gait.  This class is designed to focus on the hips and muscles that attach or support the hips.  Class begins with a warm-up and progresses into standing poses and deep release poses for the hips.


Partner Yoga

This class is not just for couples!  A friend or classmate can serve to help you experience this yoga modality which can teach you to connect, nurture and support one another through the practice.  The word “Yoga” translates as “union” and through gentle contact, clear communication, and the power of synchronizing the breath, a deep sense of peace can prevail.  Partner yoga can be energizing and fun.


Ashtanga/Power Yoga

With its roots from Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga this is a challenging, faster paced class which focuses on alignment and building strength with a fluid and graceful Vinyasa flow from one pose to the next.  This creates longer leaner muscles and develops focus and discipline while improving circulation.images[2]

Chair Yoga

Designed not only for Seniors or those with limited mobility but also those who may work in an office environment which requires a great deal of sitting.  These poses can be adapted and integrated into your workday to relieve some of the physical stress of sitting and repetitious movements.  Selected poses take the joints through a full range of motion while building strength.  Class begins with a standing warm-up and flows through a series of seated chair poses and also includes some standing poses done near the chair so that it is always available for support or balance if needed.   Students are encouraged to take Savasana or Relaxation pose in a reclining position on the floor but modifications are available for a seated Savasana.  This class is a gentle way to increase circulation and keep your body moving for optimal health at any age.


Seasonal Walk/Run Club


This is a free SEASONAL class designed to motivate you to either walk or run or some combination of both. It may run from May through August depending on interest. We meet in the morning, warm up together and then go out for a 30-45 minute cardio session (on our own or in pairs) and then we meet back up to stretch out and cool down. It’s free and it’s a great way to make new friends and get in shape. We can help to keep you motivated and moving. Check the website for updates and join the email list to stay informed of meeting changes and cancellations due to weather.

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Wishing you Joy…Happiness….Peace…and Freedom

With Love,


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